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Resources To Educate And Inform

Attorney John B. Chason uses his knowledge and experience to shares insight into topics related to family law matters by writing articles for various publications and outlets. You can access these items below.

Has Technology Redefined Abuse

The misuse of technology, such as e-mail accounts and social media platforms, can play a role in securing a restraining order against an abuser. Learn more about how technology has changed the face of abuse by reading the article below.

Has Technology Redefined Abuse (pdf)

High Earner Update Macilwaine

Establishing child support in divorces with an extraordinarily high income earner can be extremely complex. Learn more about case law associated with such cases through the following article.

High Earner Update Macilwaine (pdf)

Admissibility Of Evidence

It is important to understand the admissibility of police reports related to a domestic violence restraining order or an OSC for custody. Learn more about this topic by reading the article below.

Admissibility of Evidence (pdf)